4" rise in new bathroom subfloor???


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4" rise in new bathroom subfloor???

The contractor we hired to do our bathroom renovation is putting down a new subfloor for us. We are planning on tiling the floor and having a seperate bathtub and corner shower unit.

The old subfloor was rotting so we had that ripped out, joists inspected (they are fine) and want a new subfloor put down. The joists are 2x10" with a 16" gap in between them.

Since the floor from wall to wall is out nearly an inch and a half, we need to level it. The contractor has put shims ontop of the joists on the high side, and set 2x4's across the joists and screwed them down. He plans to put the 3/4" plywood on top of the 2x4's, and then durarock on top of this.

This means we will have at minimum 3" step from the hallway into the bathroom, and it could easily be 4" or more if you include the tile and tile setting material. This to me is too large a step.

I don't see why the 2x4's need to be there, isn't 3/4" plywood and the durarock enough?

What exactly needs to be put down before the tile? Do we need the durarock? If no, is it overkill to put the durarock down? What about self levelling compound instead of shimming up the plywood - would that be better?

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I wwas thinking the same thing.

3/4" ply, dura rock and self leveling compound would be my approach. I also think that step simension is too high
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I agree with Unique. You may want to ask the contractor why he is putting 2x4s. across the joices. If he wants to provide lateral support for the subfloor, he can simply block some of the joices.

I'd be interested in hearing his answer, since it seems so odd.

Unless he has a valid structural reason for the 2x4s, you'll have to ask him not to install them.

best wishes.
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I think we're all curious what the outcome of your bathroom flooring was?
Did your contractor give you an explanation on the 2x4's???
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4" subfloor

Are you sure that the 2x4's are the same dimension all across your floor ?
I could understand the 2 x 4's being tapered to make the floor level. But full 2 x 4's I do not understand. We will await more info.

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