Mid 70's building practices


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Mid 70's building practices

I recently bought a home built in 1976. It has basement and uses face stone on the outside wall of the 1st story.

After realizing some issues, i.e. water and chipmunks in the basement, it started inspecting a little closer. It turns out that there are a few things that are missing:
- no seal of any type between the sill plate and fondation
- no building paper of any type behind the stone outer walls
- no flashing in the wall cavity to drain water away from the sill
- no weep holes near the base of the stone walls

Does this sound normal for a house built in this time period or was my house built by flunkys?

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Yes, it was normal for flunky's to build houses back in the 70's. What you do expect- they probably grew up in the 60's!

Seriously though, those sound like the normal things that 3/4 of the builders would skip. Heck, some contractors still skip some of those things today! A lot of bricklayers around here don't even know what weepholes/wicks are and why they are needed.
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AS I go back past that time. Id say they just got the one that would do the job for the lowest price. The real rip off boys didnt get a start till about 79, 80, and they are still around here for sure.

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Yeah, its one reason why building inspectors and building codes are so badly needed in many places. Some areas (like around here) are touch and go when it comes to inspections. Some cities require permits and inspections for about anything, in other towns it's every man for himself- Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware.

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