need to replace sill plate in garage


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need to replace sill plate in garage


I am looking at buying a house. I had a termite inspection done on it and the only place there was damage was the garage.

The sill plate on the northwest corner of the garage they say has dry rot/or termite damage in approximately 6 feet of the sill plate and needs to replaced.

I have no clue where to start. I guess I need to know if I is something that can be done myself?

Please help
thank you
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It isn't any easy project.

Your going to have to jack up that part of the house to get the old plate out. I suggest at least consulting with a structural engineer.
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As you're "looking at buying" the house... get a quote for repairs - which as stated above, will require jacking up that portion of the garage enough to get the plate out/replaced. Go for "seller concessions" for the amount.

This is not a job for a DIYer without tons of experience........
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Agreed. A structural deficiency reduces the value of the package (land+improvements) and the earnest money contract should be contingent on the seller agreeing to the cost of the repairs. You want to be able to back out of the deal at no cost if the damage is not properly repaired.
The seller may want 3 bids available to do the work so you don't go hire your cousin Earl at a premium price and split the excess with Earl. You don't want the seller to low-ball the bid to some shade-tree house leveler either.
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IBM..... you know Earl too?

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