Waterbed on wood floor


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Waterbed on wood floor

We just purchased a home that was built in 1970 and since our present home is on a slab it has never been an issue but I got to wondering if there would be any problems involved with the weight of a CalKing waterbed. I figured I have 2 choices, get a regular bed, or maybe add some extra pier blocks and posts between the exsisting ones. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for us? Thanks. RonJ
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It depends

Here's one FAQ answer:

How much does a waterbed weigh?

A waterbed can weigh up to 1500lbs, but because the weight is distributed over a large area, weight is not a concern. A waterbed weighs less per square foot than a refrigerator. Any house built to modern building codes can handle the weight of a waterbed without a problem.

So, your questions are:
- Is the home constructed to modern building codes?
- Where are the support posts under the proposed location?
- Is the location part of the original structure, designed as a bedroom or was it converted from some other use or added on?
- What load factor (pounds per square foot) was part of the original design?
- What other loads will rest on the same structure, whether in the same room or an adjacent one?
- Have any modifications been made to the wood structure that might potentially weaken it?
- For a 35-year-old house, what deterioration has occurred?
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He's right... but simply put - shouldn't be an issue! Would you put a refrigerator on that floor? Probably!

Lay that puppy down - and enjoy it! I've had two waterbeds in 6 homes over the last 5 years (yeah, I move a lot) - ranging from brand new to 50 years old. Never had an issue.

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