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Wall Construction

Can anyone give me guidence on laying out a wall on 16 in centers. I read the Building a Wall - The Layout on this website and understand it to the tee.
I drew my project to scale with all the necessary measurements but the studs did not come out on 16in centers. I read that I have to measure 3/4 of an inch in on both my top and bottom plates. I did this. Also I needed to install a 3 stud corner that is where everything when out of wack. confused: Do I need to compensate for the 3 stud corner on my measuring? If so what is the measurments. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sam in Western Maryland

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Rarely will a wall come out perfectly on 16inch centers. At least one set of studs will be different. Start measuring from one wall...... space 16oc... and adjust your last stud accordingly.
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Generally speeaking the stud spacing is 16"oc, but the first two studs should measure 15-1/4" oc so that the distance from the outside of the first stud and the center of the rest of the studs will be multiples of 16. Rarely will the last stud be 16" from the second to the last. When building an inside wall, start regular stud layout from the inside if the corner. On an exterier wall I like to start my regular stud layout from the outside corner because sheetrock is faster to cut and fit than exterier sheathing (plywood/OSB). Remember to keep all of your regular studs 16" oc even if jack studs and king studs needed for window/door openings fall in between regular studs.
Hope this helps.
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What Robot said

The two corner studs (the outmost ones, not the blocks and extra studs) should be on 15 1/4" centers from the next ones over. That is probably what's throwing you. Also, if you are going to sheetrock or otherwise sheathe the wall, make sure you have a stud where the end of one sheet will land and a new one will begin.

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