Framing brick wall


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Question Framing brick wall

I am in the process of remodeling an attached garage that was added on after the house was built. Where the garage meets the house, the wall is brick exterior from the main house. The garage is on a slab.

I want to frame up this brick wall and finish it to match the other walls. I have a diagram of how I need to place the studs, but what do I do/use to secure the frame to the structure? Thanks!
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If I understand your question, then you would use concrete nails to secure the base plate to the slab and screw the top plate to the joists in the ceiling.
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Tip: Concrete nails can be very difficult to work with, especially if the concrete is old and brittle. Concrete screws take longer to install, but are a good option if those nails "just won't go in right".

You can also anchor your new wall frame directly to the brick wall using a series of blocking and masonry anchors - though attaching to the ceiling joists is more traditional. If your new wall runs parallel to the ceiling joists - you can install blocks between the wall and the first joist to attach your top plate to.

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