attaching furring strips in basement


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attaching furring strips in basement

I've got an unfinished basement with 2 concrete block walls that will need furring strips before I finish the basement out with drywall. no moisture probs, only one wall is really underground as our property has a steep slope, the back wall and most of the side are above ground.

I've read about nailing/screwing the furring strips on, and the benefit of the added strength of these fasteners. but I've also read about punching a bunch of holes in an otherwise good wall and the risk of creating cracks/moisture problems.

One artice (on the site actually) talked about just using construction adhesive to hang the furring strips. will this work? that would be great if I could go that route. would this affect the spacing- 16" or 24"? I can see where 16" spacing of the furring strips would mean more adhesive per foot of drywall.

thanks for any tips.
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If you are able to brace the furring strips tightly to the wall while the adhesive dries... that's not a bad way to go.... for basement walls.... 24inch centers is adaquate... maybe not preferred, but adaquate....
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Other than being alot more work, why not actually frame it out? That's what we did, basically used full 2x4s, made a wall just like any interior wall and placed that against cement wall (moisture barrier between) and nailed it to floor and ceiling. Aside from being alot more structurally ridgid and making the drywall easier, it alos allowed more room for electrical boxes etc. just a thought.
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thanks for the info. something in me wasn't comfortable with just glue, it can't hold forever. so I'm gluing and screwing- a few tapcons in each strip will make me sleep easier.

I thought about framing it out, but it almost doubled the cost, and at the time seemed like more work. Now that I'm doing tapcons, though, I don't know how much more time or work it would have been. I found small enough electric boxes so that's not an issue.

a little more work and I'll be ready for drywall...
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Any where you look are read will say dont do it. For sure dont put holes in the block wall there in your basement. You wont have room for insulation. Lowes have 2X3 you can use cost less.


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