Hanging old lumber from new beam


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Hanging old lumber from new beam

I have removed 2 load bearing walls down to the studs and have already ordered the beams (lvl's). I've done this a couple of times without problemsI was in the process of prepping the ceiling to accept the beams (they will be concealed) when it dawned on me - the ceiling joists that I need to hang from the beam are the old lumber - a true 2" thick.

I have been online and on the phone trying to find true 2" joist hangers and cannot find them. Please tell me I don't have to shave every joist to 1 1/2" - there are 31 joists to hang!

Is there something I'm not thinking of?
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2" hangers are available

You didn't say the width of your full-sawn joists. If they're 2x10s the hanger that you need is either a THF-20925 from USP Connectors (Used to go by the name of Kant-Sag) or IUS-2.09/9 from Simpson. The pocket on these is 2-1/8" x 8-7/8". You probably won't find anyone who stocks these, but any full-service lumberyard could order them for you. You may have to buy 50 of them, (2 full cartons) but it would sure beat shaving down your joist ends.
If you have 2x8's, sorry neither company lists anything smaller than 2x10.
Good luck.
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thanks for the info, Lowes did not know anything about the 2 1/8" hangers - surprise! that's where I ordered the lvls from. Anyway, any reason why I couldn't hang a 2x8 with 2x10 hanger, as long as my beam is tall enough? I can't see why not - just a waste of $.

thanks again, Nick

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check this out

Found this in the bowels of the Simpson Strong-tie catalog - hangers for rough lumber, which I assume is what I'm looking for. Haven't confirmed with lumber yard yet, just thot I would make it a part of the record while I was thinking about it:

thanks again

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For those searching in the same situation

Simpson does carry joist hangers for old "rough sawn" lumber that you find in older homes - most of my joists are 1 7/8" and they have 2" hangers at all sizes. Anyone who carries Simpson products can order them - mine came in today. Good luck!

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