leveling floor w/ jack


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leveling floor w/ jack is this link about right?

Hi all ready to start next project..

100 year plus rental home floor up to 3.5 " lower lower on one side of house in two rooms.

Will "screw jacks" raise it between 2.5" to 3.5"? I realize it will take time - but I'm not in a hurry and would rather not jack it up so quickly that my sheetrock cracks and all doors & window will need resetting (been there done that different house).
Link below indicates up to 1/8 inch a day? is that right??

Anything to add to the link below describing this type of project and does it seem about right???


Could this have been caused caused by someone cutting a stairway in with insuffient thought to suppport? Reason I ask is that there is a 4X4 in celing on outer edge of stairway that terminates at end of stairway. At front of stairway height is 77" at back of stairway 76.5 two feet from end of stairway 79.5 and final measure (front of home) is 80"

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Screw jacks will not do the job. You will need hydraulic jacks. Preferebly 20 ton jacks. Several of them.. You did not say how big your house was, or how long a span you have to lift, but you will need a jack about every 6 feet.
You can rent these jacks. There are a whole lot of unanswered questions here that I have in order to give you a good answer as to how much to lift it at a time. I have done alot of these and they are never simple. Good Luck
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leveling floor w/jack

THanks for reply - let me know what info you need & I'll supply it.

I haven't been able to find a contractor that does this type of work in my area....

Any suggestions?

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