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Hey guys~! First post!

Well, I know that this is the Interior home improvement forum, but this is and outdoor job I need help on.

I have a crude patio outside, it's really just a roof over some cement. I keep a billiards table outside, and I'm worried for it. Also, I don't want to bother all my neighbors with the annoying cracking of the balls. AND IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! It gets about 40 degrees F out here, and it's really hard to shoot pool with the weather.

It'll be a simple job, I'm really not too handy. It's doesn't even need to be the whole enchalada, just has to keep the cold out, and the heat in

Well, here are the details. I need to make walls for three sides, 2 walls to be 10'x10', and 1 wall to be 20'x10'. The cement floor isn't too level, it's actually pretty wavy. Almost like a very wide 'v', the trench in the middle is to drain all the rain water away. I'll need a door, and maybe a window or two.

Also, here's the tough part. The walls cant be permanent. I mean, I rent the place I live in, and I think making those walls would count as a new room or something, and I dont think the landlord would be too happy that I had remodeled his place

One of my friends suggested I just nail some corragulated sheeting around, and knock it down with a hammer if the landlord gets angry.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the long read.
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If you are paying for it, and you do a nice job, the landlord might not mind if you add a patio enclosure. If it were me, I would want to approve the plans first and I wouldn't let you do a cheap, tree fort job. Nothing simple or cheap will really keep the cold out.
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Walls, doors, windows, insulation, etc. etc.

This isn't really "simple" especially if you are not handy. Talk to your landlord first...no sense spending $2-3K on something he is going to ask you to rip out.

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