squeaky floors - new construction

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squeaky floors - new construction

Just moved into a new house that we had built in Feb 05. Our master bedroom is over our living room/family room and the floor in our bedroom is very noisy. Our living room/family room is 16x30 and our bedroom is apprx 16x16. The noise is somewhat more than a squeak, it is almost like a cracking. The builder says that he screwed and glued the OSB (?) to the floor joists, then put down another layer of T&G douglas fir over this to try and stop the noise. In addition, he came back and re-screwed the sheetrock on the celing of the LR/FR to try and quiet the noise. This didn't do a whole lot. Any suggestions? The builder basically does not know where to go from here. I suggested putting an I-beam in for the span, but not sure if this would work. Thanks!
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The sheetrock strategy sounds desperate.

Is there a pattern to the sound?
You step into the bedroom one step and put both feet down - any noise?
You walk to the middle of the room (or close to it) is the noise louder when you get there?
You walk the perimeter of the room (as close as possible) - where is the noise loudest?

I would guess that the design/construction of the 16-foot wall which spans the living room would be a primary suspect. You may need a drinking glass or a stethoscope placed on a wall to see if the wall is acting like a drumhead, amplifying the sound.

Beyond that, consult a structural engineer.
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The noise is more prevalent in the middle of the room, not by the perimeter. Basically, once you get in about two feet in the room you start to hear it. I have a felling that it is the subfloor under the douglas fir that was not put down right, maybe some screws missed the floor joists?
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Had the same problem in my new construction. It turned out to be improperly installed wood bridging between joists.
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I have given your problem much thought. In fact I have thought about it all night. Now, a couple of things that jump out at me. First of all, your contractor must have known about this as he built. To me he tried to cover it up, instead of solving the problem. Next, in 35 years of building houses, I have never put down two layers of subfloor on any floor. I always used 3/4" T & G, glued and screwed down every 6" and lapped so 4 corners never came together. Now for the problem.
I agree with you that it is probably a subfloor problem. but this might be what it is. The OSB went down first, glued & screwed. I do not think the problem is with the OSB. However, when he put down the T & G I think there may have been problems here.
The sound my be the tongue not fitting in the grove correctly and it is rubbing on the edge of the grove, or maybe even breaking off. Another possible suspect is that the floor joists were put in upside down,crown down, making an ever so slight dip in the floor joists and the weight of walking on the floor is making the entire subfloor rise and fall just a little. I am only talking about 1/64 or 1/32 of an inch. Not visible to the eye, but only to the ear. Hope this gives you some areas to look in.
Yes, a support beam under the middle of the room may very well solve the problem, but it will only support the floor joists, which may be exactly what is needed, but it will not stiffen the subflooring. Good Luck
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Just found this, wondering if the fix was ever found. I have one year old construction and have what sounds like the same problem (a cracking sound). My situation is OSB subfloor with carpeting installed upstairs. You hear the noise when you walk in certain upstairs rooms. Builder went through pretty much the same thing. Added more screws to the sub-floor upstairs (drywall screws..is this OK?) and then added screws to the drywall ceiling in the room below. Both items didn't really do the trick. I'm wondering if it is the OSB which is tongue and groove is the problem or is it something on the joist side of the drywall that is attached to the ceiling below. Did notice that sound kind of quiets down a little during the cold weather and gets worse with the warmer temps. Would it be worth taking some screws out in the subfloor area that noise is coming from to see if there are any changes? Could it be the T&G joint of the OSB? Any ideas?
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Your builder used drywall screws to secure the subfloor and you are asking if this is OK????

No it's not ok.

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