i-joist connections


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i-joist connections

I need to build a wall in a roughed in basement. It runs parallel with the ceiling joists (9 1/2" wood i-beams), and of course in between two of them. Do I need to tie into the ceiling joists, or can I just tie into the walls. I also have a soffit that goes around a vertical drain that I want to connect. How do you tie in to these i-beams?

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If the wall isn't load bearing (and it's not if it's a retrofit) than you're actually better off to NOT tie it into the I-joists, as that would transmit the loads through the wall and into the basement floor which isn't designed to take a load there. Is it a slab floor? Running parallel to the joists like that, it's not going to see a whole load of load though, so I wouldn't think it would matter much either way. Can you see a brand on the I-joists? If so, you can go to their website and pull down the specifiers guide or framing guide that has the manufacturer's recommended methods- I know on the I-joists I'm using, you can toenail in 2x4 between the flanges of the I-joists every 24" and connect to those to put a non-load bearing wall above the joists. Your case is different, though, as it WOULD be load bearing. You may have to make up some blocking to run between the I-joists if you wanted to do it that way.

So, if you don't tie the wall into the I-joist, it's not load bearing and you're OK, but you have to allow for the floor above to move as it's walked on, furniture moved around, etc.

If you DO tie the wall into the I-joists, it becomes load bearing and you have to make it a substantial tie-in.

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