Can you put an addition on top of an addition?


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Can you put an addition on top of an addition?

Like most new home owners I've been toying with the idea of expanding. The two rooms in question is my master bath upstairs, the kitchen and eating nook downstairs. The sunroom in this pic is an addition, and right above the sunroom is the master bath.

1) Is there anyway possible the master bath can be extended over the sunroom?

Also from looking at that same pic you'll notice the eating nook, to the left of the nook (your left) is the kitchen.

2) Is there anyway possible to expand the kitchen and nook out all the way onto the existing slab that's there?

Now for the obvious, I'm well aware we're dealing with a exterior load bearing wall, I'm well aware that some projects are not practical due to cost factor. So before I search for local contractors, I'm just curious to know is it possible and practical. Or is it like asking to put a Chevy 454 in a Miata, were it can be done with the right about of money but just isn't practical. Is it routinely not a good idea to expand on a exterior load bearing wall? What's your opinion?
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As long as the original addition is structurally strong enough to support a second storey, then it is fine.

Regarding the slab...if you can build directly onto a slab in your area and it is within Code, then I don't see a problem.
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I see a problem with it, was the slab poured with the intent of a second story to be placed on it.
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As far as expanding your kitchen and dinette, it is not a real hard job. Your basic problem will be your footings. I think NC requires a frost footing, but those are not really that expensive. Kicking out the 2 rooms would not be that costly either. It sould sure give you alot more room. I would say it certainly is worth looking into. Now for your master bath. To extend that over your sun room, may be a major problem..You would have both structural walls and ceiling on the sunroom as well as the foundation for the sunroom.
This may have more challenges. Good Luck
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Just don't forget to think about how it will look from the outside.
How would the roofline meet the sunroom and the house?
Should the sunroom roof be removed for, or covered with, the new roof or left alone?
I noticed that the sunroom peak is higher that the second story window bottoms, but works nicely because it falls between windows.
When the time is right, an architect can help with these things.
Good Luck.

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