Help...old garage into working space


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Help...old garage into working space


My employer wants to create a working space inside an old garage in his backyard. The space is a one room "barn", approx. 18x20 with a steep pitched roof (approx. 10-12' at walls and 16' at tallest point) with alot of water damage (the siding and support wood is very dark with white stains from recent water damage). There is previous termite damage but no current termites. The damaged wood was not replaced. It has a concrete foundation with a floor that is approx. 2 feet below ground level (this has seen alot of water and mud according to the owner). The wood supports are sitting directly on the concrete (I did see anchors for the walls into the base) . It is located at the bottom of a sloped yard and has no drainage. The barn is approx. 50 years old. 3 years ago, when this property was purchased, the inspector said this barn was in "bad condition". A new inspection just last week suggested cutting the joists (2 2x4s, approx 20" in length side to side) and putting in gussets. (My employer wanted to make these from MDF as he already had an extra sheet (that REALLY scared me), inspector said 3/4" plywood.) The ridge board is quite thin. The barn itself is plumb (eyeball estimate). One wall has already been drywalled in so I do not know it's condition however, exterior requires new paint (current is peeling), caulking all over (light shows through a few spots), and water drainage issues (none at this moment allowing for water/snow to build up around foundation/wood). Recent inspection said roof was fine, but it was covered in snow at the time. Wall studs are 16" oc (eyeball). None are warped from what I can tell. Ditto for roof support.

Concerns, will the gussets be able to handle the stress once the joists are removed? Is this unusual? Should the termite damaged supports be replaced immediatly? Should I be concerend about all the dark wood?

Employer has already put in about $4000 worth of work (electrical and inspections). I would like an engineer to see it as I don't think the inspector looked around hard enough. (He never inspected the support beams or the wood in general) My employer is a good person but doesn't know anything about framing/construction and wants to do it all himself. I am scared to be in this barn working during what is to be a heavy winter. I personally would have trashed it and started new. Suggestions?

Will try to answer any questions with more specific info. Please send any information you think is relevant. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Please feel free to email with information!
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From the description, it sounds like this building needs MAJOR structural repair. He probably would have been better off tearing it down and building new, and spent less money in the long run.

You can ignore anything the inspector says, and here's why: Declaring the roof as 'fine' when it clearly was not even viewable is tantamount to negligence on the inspectors part. What else has he 'made up' to collect his fee?

You need to have a general contractor and/or structural engineer look at this building.

It also sounds like the place is growing mold, which will either need to be treated (probably $4000 to do the whole building) or the damaged wood replaced.

This wouldn't be a good project for a beginner to learn on..
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Thanks for the reply.

What you said is exactly what my gut tells me. Now I know my concerns are legitimite.

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