wall removal


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wall removal


i have a small 7' wide x 4' deep pantry in the back corner of my kitchen (which is also the back corner of the house).

there is not a support post underneath this wall in the basement, and there aren't any walls that it would be supporting on the 2nd floor. also, these walls are very close to an outside corner of the building. so, I was thinking it was not load bearing and could be removed to open up the kitchen more.

when i looked in the basement, I noticed that 2 beams spaced about 4" apart run paralell underneath the 7' wall, which made me wonder if there was more load on this wall than I thought. my home is one unit in a duplex that is split down the middle, and the 2 beams continue over to my neighbor's side. it was built in the 1880s.

what typically is the purpose or significance of 2 beams in this close proximity? if i need to have someone come in, who would I ask? An architect? Would it be reasonable to expect the town inspector to tell me?

the walls are in red on this image: http://brianhava.brinkster.net/home/kitchen_walls.gif

thanks in advance
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they might have used them beam for nailling the studs and plate form above
form the pic i can see it's does not look like a bearing wall
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I don't know how your 1880 duplex is framed, but in a typical stick framed house you can determine if your walls are load bearing by looking at the direction that your floor joists are running. If the wall is perpendicular to the floor joist it is probably load bearing. If so it is providing support for the ceiling joists, not necessarily an upstairs partition wall.
I wouldn't remove either wall until I was 100% confident that it was not load bearing. If
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thank you for the information.

i actually want to remove 2 perpendicular walls, so if what you are describing is accurate for my home, one of them would have to be load-bearing.

would i have to get a contractor to come and tell me if it is load-bearing, or would the someone from my town building department be able to tell me?

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