Framing around chimney


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Framing around chimney

I have a concrete block chimney in my basement with a clay liner. I have one wall to frame up to finish the basement remodel. As best I can determine I need a minimum 2" clearance for conventional wood framing. Is there some sort of insulator I can attach to the chimney so I don't lose the 2"? Can I get closer if I use steel framing?

On a related note, I want to resurface a brick fireplace upstairs. I know what the setbacks, etc need to be around the opening and that will all be tiled. I'd planned to use firring strips attached to the brick and attach drywall. There is a shelf-type wood mantel there now. So is this viable or do I need the 2" clearance?
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Hey Crokett,

Check your state/local codes. They differ by locale.

Around the mantle, I would use fire rated drywall or cement board like you would use in a bathroom.

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