Framing Around Ductwork


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Framing Around Ductwork

I am finishing my basement and i have ductwork that i need to box out. Problem is i have two sets of ductwork next to each other. I have 5 inches in between the ductwork where i have nailing access to the floor joists above. My original plan was to hang blocking down from the joists in front, in between, and on the other side of the ductwork and run 2x4s along the bottom of the ductwork nailed in these three areas. My plan was to drywall, but i am now concerned about sagging. Is there an easier method to do this. Can i somehow use drop ceiling or another finishing material? Remember, i only have acess to floor joists in front, in between, and on the other side. Each duct is approximately 3 1/2 feet in width. Sorry for the length of the post.
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If you have the headroom (an additional 2") then run the 2x4s vertically, instead of flat. With a 3 1/2 foot span, it will not sag. Also, try to space them at least 12-16" apart.
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Thank you for your help. I don't think giving up the extra 2" will be a problem.
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As Chandler mentioned, look at these,

Hope this helps for a how-to!
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Clearance between framing and duct work

What about clearance? I'm curious about clearance for passing inspection. Anyone know how much clearance I need between the framing and the duct work? If any?


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