creaking and cracking noises


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Red face creaking and cracking noises

Okay, this may be a stupid question, but it has been bothering me. I have noticed that when I run the heat in my house, after awhile i begin to hear cracking noises coming from the ceiling. Now, my non-contractor rational mind tells me that heat rises, and as the joists and ceiling plaster gets heated it expands and therefore the cracking noises. My irrational mind tells me that my house is falling apart!! I did take a good long look at my ceiling in various places and i do see 2 cracks in separate areas of the living room i had not previously noticed. Is my assumption about the heat correct, or do i have a more serious framing problem going on in this 53 year old house? thank you.
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Most people do not know this, but a house is like a living being. There is alot of movement in houses no matter what the age. Expansion and contraction are just a couple of these. Since you indicated that this happens when your furnace comes one, I would say it is expansion. The creaking is probably due to your ceiling tile or sheetrock has been put on too tight. Most of the time house framing does not make a cracking sound unless your jacking it up. I have one customer who finished their own ceiling several years ago, and each year about November either myself or one of my guys stop by and put either white caulk or tootpaste down the three crack lines to close them up. Just one of those things. Good Luck

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