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Header question

Hey, New at this and hope I am in the right area. I am trying to build a fish tank into a wall at my house. The wall is a 6 inch block that is in the basement and is a load bearing wall. Runs basicall the whole length of the home. I has floor joices (8 nch that sit on it from two rooms down stairs. One room aprox 16 feet. the other 10 There is a 2x8 that sits on top of the blocks. The whole I am planing is 4 feet Oh the flor joices are spaced 12" Here is the question If I built up a triple 8 and laminate it with a couple pieces of 1/4 inch ply I would think that would be plenty, How ever I am trying to save as much space as posible CCould I use a steel I beam that might sae me a few valuable inches?? What depth and type would I need to cover 4 feet to make sure it would be adiquate, Sorry for all my spelling and typo/ Thanks in advance Steve
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Header question

If you are going to knock a 4' wide hole (must a standard 55 gallon tank) in a 6" block wall, you should have an engineer look at how to replace the support the block wall provides.

The block wall could support a 10 or 20 story building, but you have to get a strong enough beam or lintel to span the opening and the bearing length to transfer the load the the block wall.

What you are attempting is doable, but should be done right.

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Thanks Dick, Rightto on the 55 gallon Although I am also considering other sizes that are 48" wide' ie. 75,90 and even some 110 gallon. The block wall has two stories that is above it. And I would guess may carry quit a bit of weight, there is a 32" door opening aprox 6 feet away, That part it is covered with plaster so I cannot see what header they used, Where I wnat to put the tank is up against my tool roo with no ceiling so that is how I could see the block and the sill plate etc. I am hoping there is some steel I beam that is not too deep that cn carry any weight my 2 story house can dish out. Thanks for your reply Steve

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