2 inch crack in joist


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2 inch crack in joist

Ive had this 2 in. crack on a basement joist for...as long as I owned the house, however the house is one hundred years old and thankfully have not owned for that entire time. The span of the joist in six feet (it was cut to fit a return vent a long time ago). It has sagged about half an inch over time. My concern is that Im thinking of placing a refridgerator on the floor above the joist. Can I place a few jacks around the crack...or is it not worth worrying about? Thanks for any advice.
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You did not mention how long the crack was. So with that in mind, I may be off a little. Yes, I would place at least one post jack under the middle of the crack. If it is a ling crack (2' long or longer) I would put in 2 post jacks. In addition, I would sister in another joist to give added strength. Good Luck

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