Framing Q - Double Jack Studs


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Framing Q - Double Jack Studs


I'm in the middle of framing a 26' deep by 30' wide garage. It is framed in 2x6's and attached to the house on the 26' side. I have completed framing the rear 30' wall and the opposite 26' wall. All that's left is the front wall. The front 30' wall has one 36" entry door and a pair of 9x7' garage doors.

My question has to do with the use of double jack studs for the garage door header. I'd like to use double jacks over the garage door, but my concrete contractor put the sill bolts too close for a triple stack of studs. They won't clear.

I figure my options are:

* go with a single jackstud
* notch the bottom of the king stud so it will clear the bolt (probably a dumb idea)
* knock the bolt off with a sledge and drill in new ones with enough clearance.

Has anyone ever had this problem? How did you deal with it?

Joe Michel
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When bolts are in the way, you always leave the bolt in place. What I've done is determined the exact size and location of the bolt and nut, then countersunk a small hole in the bottom of the stud with a spade bit so that it just fits over the nut and bolt, making it no larger than it needs to be.

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