top plate attachment


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top plate attachment

I will be pushing a wall further out under a suspended (sheetrock) ceiling and since the new wall will be non-load bearing, what's the best way to attach the wall's top plate? Should the rock on the ceiling be cut back and have the top plate nailed to the ceiling's support framing or can the top plate be nailed to the ceiling without cutting back to the wood above, sandwiching the ceiling sheetrock?
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I guess you could do it how you liked. The correct way would be to cut the sheetrock. However, not cutting it will work also. This is not a big job, so don't make a big project out of it. Good Luck
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When I added a wall I sandwiched the sheetrock at the top. Not supposed to be a loadbearing wall. Seems to be working all right. I also put it on top of the carpet and cut the carpet away later - but I wouldn't really advise doing that.
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If your wall is running parallel with the joists you'll have to add some sort of nailer to attach to. Sandwiching the sheetrock is probably less of a problem than finding something to nail to.

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