Uneven Floor vs tiles


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Uneven Floor vs tiles

I received orders to Japan;report for duty in Aug 06. Needless to say we are preparing to sell our house and need to replace the carpet that was in the kitchen when we purchased the house 3 years ago. We removed the carpet and are still removing the padding but noticed a section from the rear wall, between the sink and stove, approx 3' X 4' is raised (or the rest of the floor sunk). Not sure what the material directly under the carpet is; too old to determine. Found a Montgomery Ward sticker under the padding. Anyhow, we purchased Armstrong Metro Tile, 12X12 .045 thickness tiles before we found the problem. Now we are concerned the level variance will cause tiles in that area to pop up in the near future. The advice we've received varies from floating the floor (low area is too vast in my opinion) to removing the entire subfloor and starting over. Any help with this is extremely appreciated.
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This could be several things, such as a patch or a reinfirced area for a heavy appliance.
It needs to be investigated.

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