Who has the best quality lumber?


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Who has the best quality lumber?

Hi, About to make a sizeable lumber order for the basement and was wondering if the HD or the Lowes store has better quality. Hard to tell walking through the store and looking at the lumber. Looking for input from those who have made a sizeable order and got it home to work with. How much was bad to start with? How much of it dried and warped before you could use it? etc...

It may be 6 in one, 1/2 dozen in the other. The pricing is about the same but my main concern is good STRAIGHT dry wood. Are these stores about the same or should I go with someone else like 84 or a local supplier?
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Be aware that there is a high demand for building supplies as more people are becoming more involved with renovations and home improvements. I would check the small local suppliers as their livelihood depends upon good customer relations.

I have also learnt that it is better to work with a number of small orders rather than 1 big order. Easier to work with. To be honest, I cannot remember how much wood was warped before I used it. Good luck!

My 2 cents (Cdn) worth.

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Same here Andy. I don't buy any wood from the big stores anymore. I have got a good relationship with a local lumberyard now and they always give me their best stuff. 99% of it is good as gold. And honestly, if you get a big enough order together and get a quote from a big store, the local place will more than likely try to get close. At least with my experience.
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My latest order from HD ($2,700, including framing boards, sheathing, fasterners and siding) was good with no throw-aways. Lowes may have turned out the same. My guess is that the Box stores may take back any bad pieces. Certainly, other members' advice to build a relationship with the small yards is a good one. But, some of us just don't order enough lumber to count as a preferred customer, or live in an area with local yards.

One related suggestion is to prepare a sheet of all the lumber you need and call the pro desk at each store. Then you can Fax it to them and ask for them to quote it (or carry it in). I found HD and Lowes within $100 of each other, but another local store to be $1,200 higher. Ended up at HD because of convenience (1 mile closer).

My DIY two cents.


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