Major reno - adding a second storey


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Question Major reno - adding a second storey

I am planning to add a second storey to a 100 year old single storey house (with a full basement). The post and beam in the basement does not line up with the walls on the main floor - no support for second storey.

I have thought of using TJI floor joists to span the entire width (house is 31 x 40). The TJI company says this will work but with major bounce.

I have consulted a couple engineers and they want to "do it right" - this means new foundation, and supports in the basement through to the second storey (AKA $40 - $50K). It would be cheaper to sell and buy a bigger house.

Any ideas?
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If you live in an area where a permit is required and they abide by building codes (which is almost everywhere today) you will probably be required to have an engineer design the addition and have the plans approved.

An engineer's inspection and report will probably be needed to certify the condition of the structure now to be assured the building can handle the new story as well.

They don't want the house falling down on you or the future owners.
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Save yourself the headaches that are tied in with your plan. Sell your current place & puchase the type of place you desire. In the long run it will be less expensive.

I live in a 135-year-old house and just a small renovation was a major pain and expense. It had some unexpected surprises. I wouldn't be surprised to see that estimate of yours double.

You are looking at the structural integrity of the building, the foundation, re-roofing, plumbling, electrical, etc. Need I go on?

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$40 or $50 thousand is fairly reasonable for this type of job. Listen to the engineers. They are correct.
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Thanks for info!

The $40 - $50K is just to address the structure, the actual adding of the second floor is at least $75K on top of that.

At that cost, its better to sell and buy a bigger house. (Plus that avoids divorce lawyer fees!)
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Yes, I have to agree with that. Buy a bigger home. Good Luck
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It would be easier to sell and build a new how IMO...

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