Adding Wall - Do I Cut Into Cap Plate?


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Adding Wall - Do I Cut Into Cap Plate?

In changing the layout of my bathroom, I'm adding a couple walls at 90 to each other, about 4' long, to to make an alcove for the toilet and the back wall of the tub/shower.

When adding partition walls like this, is it important to actually cut into the cap plate of the perimeter wall and lap the cap plate of the new partition wall over the perimeter top plate as would be done with new construction? Or is it ok to just nail the end stud of the new wall that butts up against the original wall to the old wall? In other words both the top plate and cap plate of the new wall would just terminate at the old perimeter wall.

I do have access to the cap plate since the ceiling is gone, but don't relish the thought of cutting into it if it's not needed.
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I would not cut those plates. If you want additional stability, just add a stud in the existing wall, then nail the first stud of the partition wall to it. While you're there, consider how you will attach drywall in that corner which is created with the new wall addition.

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