general framing question


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general framing question

first off, forgive my ignorance and terminology. I am an AMATEUR at this (I can cut wood and hammer nails but framing is not one of my lessons learned). I am posting the same question on several different forums to get a different opinions.

when framing using 16" stud spacing, is that 16" from the outside corner of the house to outside corner? and then additional studs are put 3.5" in from the corner to give a nailing surface for drywall for the interior?

I'm trying to figure out the dimensions for my shop. I'm thinking 30'x50' right now but I dont want to mess up the sizing so I get odd spacing when putting in the roof panels which are 4x8. I want to make sure the lines on the boards line up with the rafters or stud. I want to make sure I am sizing this shop to be compatible with standard lumber.

So will I mess up if its 30x50 or does it need to be 28x48 or does it matter (i.e. Can I just scab stuff in to make it all fit)?

I am going to dig the footing for the slab today and I dont want to find out 2 months later that I totally messed up right at the start.
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A structure is never limited by lumber size only in building methods used. Stud spacing is the least of your worries but ideally you want to gauge your center so an 4' or 8' sheet of rock will break right in the middle of a stud. That is by far the easy part. The more advanced part is going to be setting your ridge and cutting rafters for your project. I am assuming a simple gable roof here but still takes a little knowhow. I seriously recommend getting one, a detailed set of plans for your project and two hire someone experienced in residetial framing to help you with it. Such a project would be near impossible to do all by yourself anyway and I think you are going to need a little hands on guidance.
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So will I mess up if its 30x50 or does it need to be 28x48 or does it matter (i.e. Can I just scab stuff in to make it all fit)?
It's a little easier and saves on waste to have walls in 4' multiples, but sheathing a 30'X50' wall isn't a problem. With studs spaced 16" OC, just cut the sheathing so that edges land centered on a stud. Just be sure to stagger the sheathing joints. If the joints aren't staggered you will lose the strength and stability provided by the sheathing.

When framing a wall I usually start the first stud 15 3/4" (16" OC spacing) from the end of the plate. Remaining studs are spaced 16" OC from the first one. A 4'X8' sheathing will fall on the center of the 6th stud.

I agree with Buildpro about plans and help. I was a little surprised to read that you were excavating for the foundation w/o having decided on a building footprint.

As for help, if you are using a common gable roof, the size of the rafters will be a bear to handle alone. Another fun job is roof sheathing by yourself. Try carrying a sheet of plywood up a ladder with the wind blowing and you'll know what I mean.
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ya, no plans here. I'm winging it. I dont need permits cause I'm out in the boonies. I was going to buy a bunch of trusses for the roof and I have access to a backhoe to move the stuff up there and around.

I might hire out the framing job but Im a big do-it-yourselfer (i have the ability and the tools, just not necessaily the knowledge) so I like to attempt stuff by myself. but I see what you mean about lining up the first stud at 15 3/4 from the end. Thats the kind of mistake I didnt want to make.

I helped a friend put up his garage and it wasnt too bad. they will be helping with mine if I can ever get them to come over. I remember the goal was to NOT have to cut each individual piece of sheathing to fit and we kind of screwed up when we did one wall. the guy marking the top and bottom plates measured each stud position 16" away from the first. but there was a slight error in the measurement so by the end of the wall, we were off big time and needed to cut to fit.

So I should be fine with a 30x50 slab then. thats the part I am going to do today (dig the footing). I have a friend whos a concrete guy whoi will be doing the pour and finishing. I just wanted to make sure the slab size wouldnt mess me up down the line.

Btw, I found my big book called Carpentry and Building Construction by Feirer and Hutchings. Seems to have just about everything in it.

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