Steel Beam Sizing


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Steel Beam Sizing

Hello everyone,

We are having our 110+ year old home lifted off the existing foundation and having a new poured foundation. While it is off the foundation, we are wanting to replace the current main supporting beam.

We are debating between LVL and Steel. Our local lumberyard was able to spec out an LVL beam w/o any problems using a piece of software. However, I'm having problems finding a steel company that can do that for me. Wondering if anyone out here can help us get a general idea of the size required for our spans.

Here are some of the details:

Home is approx. 24' X 38'
It is a 2 story victorian w/walk-up attic (so basically a 3 story).
Floor joists are 2x10 (actual size), 16" OC

The current main beam is a 6 x 8 timber that runs the long length of the home (perpendicular to the joists). I believe it is actually 2 timbers (not a single long one). However, it is NOT centered. It lies offset (8 of floor span on 1 side and 16 on the other).

The 1st and 2nd floor main load bearing walls run generally above the main beam. The 3rd floor/attic is entirely open with no walls.

The entire basement will be open, so we can do whatever we want in regards to the number of posts, etc. (currently there is only 1/3 basement, w/the remainder being crawlspace).

I'm not as worried about trying to save an inch or two of clearance. If anything, oversizing would be fine.

I've also got a rough floor plan that can be viewed here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If it helps, I've also posted the specs that the lumberyard came up with when quoting the LVL beam. The came up with either a single 38' beam, or 2 19' beams (to make it easier to handle).

They can be found here:

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