subfloor soft spots


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subfloor soft spots

We took the plunge and started ripping up carpet tonight. Got it all out of the dining room and it wasn't too bad. We will be putting down laminate flooring.

We have planks visible underneath the plywood. Is that normal? I assume we can just fill in those gaps with the Webcrete we bought.

We have a soft spot near the door onto our deck. Would the best thing to do be to cut out that area and replace it? How much of the area around the spot should we cut out?

There are some areas that are obviously water-stained, but nothing appears damaged. Should we worry about those?

Thanks for your help. I'm sure I will have more questions as we are just beginning this project.
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Well I'm assuming you have a 3/4" T&G floor to deal with. In reguards to the soft spot I'd replace the subfloor in a 2 foot by 4 foot section. That way you can use the tounge and grove to eliminate a spongy step or spot in the sub-floor. If you can't use the tounge or grove to "lock" the sheet in, put a 2x10 or 2x12 in flat between the floor joist against the bottom of the floor and glue and screw it in... Hope that made sense and if it does I hoped that helped.


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