Rotted Rim joist/Sill plate


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Rotted Rim joist/Sill plate

After removing my deck, I discovered the rim joist and sill plate on part of my house are very much rotted out and need to be replaced. Hopefully, I'm using the right terms here. By rim joist I am referring to the board that is nailed to the end of my floor joists and runs around the outside of the house. by sill plate I am referring to the board that lays flat on top of the foundation and has the floor and rim joists on top of it.

Any suggestions on the best way to go about fixing this or tips/pitfalls to avoid? Thanks.
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Rotted framing

Your terminology is correct.

You will need to support and slightly raise each joist involved so that you can replace the plate. Before you do this, stablize the joists so they will not "tilt". Once you do this, you should be able to remove and replace the damaged portion of the plate and rim joist. You need to work slowly to avoid cracking drywall, etc. which may be affected when the joists are raised.
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It is good you are doing this. Not long ago there was a deck collapse here near Atlanta, and they showed pix of it on the news. Of course I was more interested in analyzing why it fell. Not only was the ledger against the house only nailed (and not bolted per code), it was nailed into a completely rotted rim joist. Whoever installed that deck knew this and did nothing about it.
Be careful and slow. You are going about it correctly. Post back if you get stumped or we can help further.
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Don't know what type of foundation you have (basement, crawlspace), but you should try to support (and raise as Wirepuller suggested) the floor joists close to the foundation wall. If you nail a 2x4 under the floor joists, and put a temporary beam (6x6 works well) with screw jacks under the 2x4, that will allow you to keep the joists aligned and jack them evenly and several at a time. You only need to go a little bit (maybe 1/8th inch), assuming they haven't compressed. Just enough to get the new lumber under them. You will probably have to cut the sill by the anchor bolts, to get them out, and slot the new ones since you won't have room to put them over the top of the anchors. Your new sill should be pressure treated lumber.

If you are replacing the deck, be sure to flash the ledger board to keep water from getting behind it and rotting out the new lumber.

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