Question about shed joists


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Question about shed joists

Greetings all, I am not sure if I an the right place, but I will give it a try.

I have a question about shed floor joists.

I am thinking of putting up a 12' x 10' wooden shed. The problem is that my whole yard slopes.. it is a pretty good slope. I would say about 14" over the 12' length of the shed.

I decided rather than move all that earth and huge tree roots, never mind the problem from water errosion, I would just set it up on piers.

So I decided to put 12 piers in a 4 x 3 layout. So now I have 3 rows of 4 4x4 pressure treated piers. Ok..

I was going to use treated 4 x 6 to place on the piers and build my floor on top of them. thus making the ground height at the low end a horrible 12" ..

I was wondering, if it is structurally possible to use the 4 x 6 to attach the floor joist at their level rather than sit all of the 2 x 6 on top of the 4x6 keeping the height at the low end basically 6"?

thanks for all your help!
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Framing support for the shed floor should be on 16 inch centers.
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I understand the spacing would be on 16" centers, but what I was wondering is could I hang the joists on the 4 x 6 as compared to setting them on top and still achieve safe results?

I know that would be alot more cutting on my part, but then it would keep the ground to floor height at 6" instead of 12" if I sit the 2x6 on top of the 4 x 6..

I have provided a link to a simple example of what I want to do... I may not be explaining this so well

thanks again all in advance
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Shed joists

Use joist hangers and your idea will work.
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It seems like you have piers that project 6" out of the ground on the uphill end and 20" out of the ground further down the slope. Was that your design?

If you were to cut 6" off the 4x4 piers and use metal U-shaped connectors to tie the 4x6 to the top of the pier, wouldn't that achieve the same result?
Clearly something has to act to keep the building from sliding down the slope and sinking into the ground.

You will be grading the terrain to divert water away from the high end, right?
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I would combine the advise on the previoius posts and lower the building and use the joist hangers. I am not sold on the 4x4 wood posts, especially if they are buried or concreted in. I would have opted for poured footings, but it is done, now.
Don't worry about your 14 inches in 12 feet. Ours is usually 14 FEET in 12 feet. Mountains. You will be able to disguise the gap with shrubbery or something. It should look just fine.

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