Stop the squeaking!


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Stop the squeaking!

So, lately my subfloor has started to squeak in several rooms. Is there anything I can do without ripping up the flooring to stop the squeaking? I have heard of a tool that will work if you have carpet, but I don't know of anything for linoleum and laminate floors.

Please tell me you have something for me!
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If you can get to the under side of the floor, pinpont the location of the squeak and drive screws into the top portion of the floor joist and into the subfloor. Be careful to not use too long a screw so as to not run the screw through the top of the floor. You will be driving the screws at an angle, so allow enough length for that. A screw on each side of the joist at each location will be stronger than a single screw on one side.
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Also from underneath - I have had some success with adding construction adhesive where the subfloor and the joist meet. I applied it with a caulking gun, then forced it into the gap with a putty knife. Once the glue sets up, they move in unison - no more squeak.

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