Laminated beam "T" to another lam beam


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Laminated beam "T" to another lam beam

I'm involved with the contruction of a home with a second story using one lam beam (15' +-) teeing into another lam beam that is aprox 17' long. The connection is about mid span. I have seen on the 'net where a lam beam can be repaired using 1/4"
steel plate with lagbolts. Will a 1/4" steel plate cut in a "T"
with each leg the same length as the published repair be an acceptable structural solution to this problem?


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Anything can be done but getting an answer for something like this is no joke. There are many scenarios for your situation that no one here can possibly see. These beams can be holding up your whole house with all the weight on that hanger or they can be decorative, who knows. What I'm trying to figure out is how come you don't have a set of plans from an Architect or Engineer that SPECKS the proper hanger for your situation.

This type of framing is done every day, but the hanger can be designed as a top mount hanger or a face mount hanger or a welder can make one up which is done all the time also that is approved by an Architect or Engineer.

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