Using Metal Studs


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Using Metal Studs

I was wondering if anyone can direct me to an information area on the use of metal studs?

I have built walls with them before so I know how to use them for basic building but I am about to redo my office and need some pictures on how to construct door openings and reception window using metal studs (I know there needs to be wood in there somewhere for nailing door trim and etc.)

All walls will be non load bearing walls.

Any help appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Dig
(I know there needs to be wood in there somewhere for nailing door trim and etc.)
Not if you use TIMELY frames.

However, if your aesthetics are wood then, for a 36" door, where you would have the soft side of the steel stud 4-1/2" from the corner of an intersecting wall, you would pre-install a wood stud to the hard side of the steel stud and hold the edge of the wood stud 4-1/2" from the corner, with 37-1/2" to the stud on the other side of the opening.

To simplify, you have a 40-1/2" x 82-1/2" metal framed rough opening, lined with 2x's.
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Go to Doug Aleshire's web site. He has a ton of photos and descriptions for using metal studs.

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