Basement soffit question


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Basement soffit question

I'm framing a soffit in the basement with a width of about 5' to enclose the ductwork. I'm planning on running the 2x4 lookouts 3.5" side down for height considerations. I know I need to anchor them to the joist above to prevent bowing. My question is, what spacing do you recommend for the lookouts and does every one need to be anchored to the joist above? I'm not sure if 1/2 or 5/8" drywall will be attached to them. Attached are pics of the soffit sides awaiting the lookouts. Thanks in advance.
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Id go for every other joist is all you need. Pictures came out good.

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The way I do mine is instead of a full 2"X 4" for my bottom plate, I rip them in half. That way you can nail through them into the "lookouts". The way you have it now you will have to toenail them in and it wont be as secure. I also lay them out the same as the little studs so I can get one nail up into them and 2 through the side of the bottom plate. If you find that it is too difficult giving them center support by using 2X4's from lookout to joist, another way to do it is some eyehooks and wire. That will give it enough support to keep it from sagging. Like everyother one say. I have had to do that before when it was too tight to nail.

edit: another thing I just thought of. If you were to run them with 1 1/2" side down you could notch either end so it would be flush with the bottom of the bulkhead and then you could nail then well to your short studs. This would also make them strong enough so you wouldn't need center support. Just a thought
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Buildpro, I like the hook and wire idea.... it does get pretty tight in a few places. Would it be the same stuff they use in suspended ceilings? Also, what spacing do you recommend for the lookouts?

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