Huge attic making floor


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Unhappy Huge attic making floor

Where do i start I amlooking to make a floor in my attic but i do not have any idea what to do. Theres bout a 7x7 floor right now but i plan on redoing that when i do the whole do i check to see if the beams will even support a floor? Can someone give me step by step on making a floor thanks a bunch...
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Attic Floor

What size are the joists? 2x? What is the span of the joists?
What is the size of the total area to be floored? What type of flooring do you want to install?

I would seek the advice of a structural engineer on the support issue.
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Let's start at the beginning.

The only reason that you would add a full floor (not a simple walkway) is that you want to use that area for:
a) storage space (static load)
b) living space (live load)
so which is it?

It's not a question of whether the the joists will support flooring. More a question of whether it will support whatever you plan to put ON that flooring.
That load must be supported by the walls below the attic space. Currently, the exterior walls of the house are load-bearing and the interior walls may or may not be load-bearing. If the interior walls are not sufficient to support the attic loading, the ceilings below will sag down. NOT what you want. Unless the attic framing was DESIGNED to hold the load, those joists are probably undersized for your plans.
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I am plannning on making a bedroom up there ill get backto u on the dimensions and everything

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