need a completely new floor.....


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need a completely new floor.....

i had a lot of water damage to the kitchen floor, i mean a lot! there were 3 layers of plywood down on top of the planking. the plywood came right up....meaning very soft, and the planking by the sink is crumbling. when i examined the joists they seemed fine.... no rot, cracks ect.(there is a gardian angel) i was going with 2 layers of plywood. first 3/4, then 1/4, i was then either going to do a mud floor or wonderbord with ceramic tile i can afford the height. but i have very little expearence in any home remodeling, so here are the questions.......

i was told not to nail/screw the plywood directly to the joists. but was never told how to put the plywood down. is this true? if so how do i put the plywood down and keep the floor strong.

do i need to reenforce the joists? if so how does one sister joists.

lastly which do most pros perfer a mud floor or wonderbord?

thanks for the help
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I'm no pro, but here is what I am going to do in my kitchen.

3/4" tongue & groove Sturdifloor. Liquid nail to joists & liquid nail the joints. Screw edges every 6" & the field ever 12". Wonderboard perpendicular to the Sturdifloor & screw every 6" & then the tile.

Pros usually do the mud. It's a little more difficult to get a nice level tile floor with it for a DIYer.

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