Subfloor replacement: What to use?


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Subfloor replacement: What to use?

I would like an opinion from a flooring specialist.

I'm rebuilding a small, split-level 90-year-old house that suffers from significant termite damage. I have already demolished and reframed most of the first floor with pressure-treated lumber. Now I'm working on the upstairs kitchen. The subfloor is 1-3/4 x 12" T&G, nailed over roughsawn 2x6 joists 12" o.c. (11' span). The T&G shows light to moderate termite damage (one piece has an active colony), so I'm replacing the entire subfloor, and the bottom plates.

My available options for new subflooring materials are:
(a) 1-3/8x5-3/8" spruce T&G
(b) 1-1/2x11-1/2 douglas fir lumber, Liquid Nail edges
(c) 3/4" T&G fir plywood (double thickness?)
(d) 3/4" birch plywood (double thickness?)

So...what's the best choice? Final finishing will probably be linoleum or glueless laminate (no tile).

Also, with the entire floor exposed, should I (1) REPLACE the existing floor joists, (2) sister them with new ones (will they get "infected"?), or (3) just "green" them out and not obsess about further termite activity?
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First you have to get rid of the termites before you can do anything. That can be tough but you will just be providing them with new food. Also it is never recommended to use PT lumber for interior use. I'm not even sure it's legal with the poison smoke it gives off when it burns. it will also twist and turn and can expand and contract much more then conventional lumber. I might be more worried about the joists then the flooring. If you have to rip the whole floor up anyway you should be able to asister them with another at least if they were termite damaged. Assuming you have your joists in order. regular T&G 3/4" plywood will be fine in itself. no need for more then that for a laminate floor or vinyl.
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Thanks, Pro, for the advice. I've got the Strudifloor.

As for the toxic fumes, I've always wondered why that doesn't seem to be an issue with ABS DWV pipe, which certainly would raise a stink when burning.

Again, thanks.

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