Fixing rafters slipping off plate


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Fixing rafters slipping off plate

I have a porch that was added to the side of my house after the house was built. The porch has a single pitch roof with the upper end of the rafters resting on a header plate(?). I'm not sure of the terminology.

The upper end of some of those rafters has slipped off that plate, and I'm not sure what the best way to fix them is. Here are a couple photos that may help clarify my question.

Here's a longer view shot of the rafters:

And here's a close up shot of one of the slipped ends:

My initial thought was to try to find a joist hanger of some sort that I could use to retrofit the rafters and tie the upper ends into the plate, but the width of current rafters is 2" and all the joist hangers I've seen that look applicable to this usage are designed for dimensional lumber.

So I'm thinking that I'll sister some (or maybe all) of the existing rafters, and with some jacking and jamming, I think I can get the rafters all in line and the roof line straight again. Since the sisters will be standard 2x4s, I can use a joist hanger to nail the upper end of the sisters to the plate.

Any thoughts on that approach? Alternative suggestions or anticipated pitfalls? I'm concerned that this approach may not be to code, and I will have to get this inspected by an inspector.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Push the rafters back into position as you describe, then secure them in place with hurricane clips. That should prevent this from happening again.

The "header plate" is more properly called a ledger, I think.

Good luck.

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