Using a jack to raise joists


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Using a jack to raise joists

I need to sister some joists in the basement. I have a 20-ton Husky bottle jack that can do the job. Most people say to only raise the joist 1/4 inch and leave it that way for a day before raising it again. Will the bottle jack be able to maintain that for the day or do I need to get another post to hold it in place?
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it would depend on how good the jack is. If there is bypass leakage in the cylinder, it may not hold at all. If all seals well, it could be fine.

I wouldn't trust it.

I would suggest shimming above the current support post when you raise it or another post (as you queried) would do well as well.
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I would put in a floor jack along side of your hydraulic jack. The as you jack up your joists, screw up your floor jack. Its just good insurance. Your hydraulic jack may do the job, but it may kick out and that would not be good. Better to be safe. Floor jacks are cheap. Good Luck
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That's what I thought but I read an article that gave the impression the bottle jack was good enough. Thanks.

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