Floor load in Cedar kit home?


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Floor load in Cedar kit home?

Hello All,

I can't figure out the online floor load calculators so I found you.

Upstairs I have 2"x6" T&G flooring over 4" x 8" cealing beams on 28" centers, spanning 14 feet. Can you give me a rough idea of this would be enough to support a waterbed? The exposed wood beams have knots and checkering so I guess it's #2 Doug fir. Cal king WB with a 33 sq ft pedestal.

Will I fall through the floor?


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If it helps, water weighs one pound/pint. Waterbeds can weigh 1800# or more. Weight is distributed over a large area with marketers claiming waterbeds weigh less per square foot than your refrigerator and if house was built to code that it should be able to handle the weight.
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Thanks for the comeback! Well, from what I've seen on the internet, sleeping area live load is 30 lbs per square foot, a cal king (H2O 9 inches deep in a 6' x8' frame) on 33 sq ft of pedestal is 70.5 per sq ft. (Unless I screwed up my math.)

These kit houses are just a bit different, span wise, so I don't know if the waterbed guys are right.

This is a wonderful site, and I look forward to spending more time here.


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