Door in partition wall.


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Door in partition wall.

I wish to place a door in a non-load-bearing partition wall. It's in a low ceiling height basement, with only 6'8" of headroom. I want the door as tall as possible, and need to know what to do. I was just going to use the top plate of the wall as the door header, but thought I should ask here for advise.
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Use the top plate.
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Think about the trim along the top. If appearance is important, lower the top jamb enough to allow for the top trim.
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I agree with both of the above. Also, since the R.O. sounds like it will be about 78" high, and you will probably want 1" to the cement floor below the door to allow for carpet, you'll be cutting off about 3" from the door itself. If you cut it all off the bottom of the door, your doorknob will be 3" lower. In situations like that, I prefer to disassemble prehung doors, cut 3" off the top of the jambs and rabbet them again, and cut 3" off the top of the door. That way when you reassemble the door, it is 3" shorter, but the doorknob is in the same place.
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Hollow core?

How do you handle the top of the door? Salvage the inner wood and install it in the cut down door? Any easy tricks? Thanks
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Yes, I always try to save the plug, cut it down to size so that it fits in nice and snug. Sometimes its better to just cut a new one that's nice and clean, however. It works best if you slather the plug with glue, insert it into the door, place some scrap lumber on each side of the door and clamp it together to give even pressure across the door- the more clamps the better. Don't remove the clamps before the glue has dried.

If you've got a raised panel door, cutting 3" off one end will make the door look goofy, so in that case, you'd probably have to cut some on both ends. But on flush doors, I'd take it all off the top.

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