Plywood Subfloor w/ Uneven Edges


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Plywood Subfloor w/ Uneven Edges

Hello all,

I have a new subfloor laid down in my bathroom. There are three sheets laid out like a T (two sheets butted up against one). I am going to put down backerboard & tile.

My problem is:

Where the edges of the subfloor meet, it is uneven. It may be up to 1/4" at maximum. Now do I have to use self leveling compound or can I just put more thinset in the gap since the backerboard extends at least 2 1/2 ft past the drop?


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The seams should be resting on the joists. If this is not the case then this needs to be corrected before you lay tile or you'll have a mess of problems. If the seams are not on joists, then the subfloor was not installed properly. If these are tongue & groove then the groove should be run perpendicular to the joists staggering the sheets 4'-0". The groove keeps the seam in between the joists from sqeaking. If a contractor installed these, he needs to come back & fix them at his expense. If installed properly, & all sheets are the same thickness, all the edges should match perfectly.

If it were me, I would fix the problem & not just mask it.

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