Lumber Grades


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Lumber Grades

I hope someone can explain this to me. I've been trying to research it, but am just more confused.

I called the local lumberyard to get "2X6 SPF #2" boards for a project. They said that they had 2X6 boards graded "Standard and Better" and that that was typically used for my purpose. (I'm framing detached garage walls).

The engineer who designed the garage for me spec'd SPF #2 and that is what is on the plans for my permit. Is Standard and Better the same or interchangable with SPF #2? Where do these two grades fall relative to each other on the grading scale?

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Jeff - I'm not positive on this but I think "Standard and Better" is the equivalent of #2 and better which is typical framing lumber. As you probably know, SPF is the species designator (spruce/pine/fir).
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Lumber Grades

A decrease in grade number denotes an increase in quality.
#1 is better than #2, and #2 is better than #3.
#2 is generally used for framing unless specs. say otherwise.
SYP indicates Southern Yellow Pine.
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jeff #2 is standard framing grade lumber. if you find #1 let me know cause with the way lumber is looking now a days you would think #3 is standard. have fun with the garage

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