Wall Braciing


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Wall Braciing


Framing up my garage. The walls are 4'6" (to get to alley level we had to dig out the yard so the rest of the wall height is comprised of the foundation/retaining walls). Studs are 16" oc and sheating is 7/16 OSB.

Anyway, I've got it framed and am starting sheathing. I put on three corner sheets with 6d nails, 6oc on the edge and 12 oc in the field per code in my area (or so I thought). But the corner sheathing will be the bracing for which my code requires 8d nails (same spacing) OOPS! I'll talk to my inspector about it, and I'll certainly get it right on the other corners, but I was wondering how other folks might approach correcting this.

Can I just add 8d nails with the proper spacing? Can there be a problem with too many nails weakening the sheathing, particularly at the edges?

Can I add just some 8d nails since all the 6d nails have to be providing some holding and shear strength?

Would it be better to just add diagonal bracing on the inside?

I don't think this is going to be a huge problem to fix, just wondering what other people think.

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Adding the #8 nails will not weaken the osb. I use the 8's on all sheathing, anyway, since the cost is not that much. The only other thing you can do is let in a metal brace at an angle to the side walls, but if the inspector said to add the 8's, that would be the way to go.
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Wall Bracing

Thanks. I figured that is what I would do anyway. Just a little more nailing to do.

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