Load bearing wall question


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Load bearing wall question

I have a wall between my kitchen and living room. The wall in question is 15' long and 7'3" tall. What I am trying to do is to install a rectangular hole in the wall and use it as a breakfast bar. The hole will be about 8-9' wide. There is nothing but attic above, although there is a furnace up there. My question is: How would you suggest this to be done? I intended to use a 12' laminate beam with triple 2x6 studs on either end. Will this be enough?

My other question is, does anyone know where I could possibly see pics of this. I am torn on what to do for a countertop and whether or not cabinets underneath would look nice or crowded. I intend to use granite as a countertop. Any info woul be helpful. Thank you.
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I can't offer you any structural advice.

Here are pics of what I did. I used a beam made of 2 2x10's sandwhiching plywood, double 2x4 supports either end.....

edit, here are links




Sorry don't have a finished pic yet, best I got...

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Thanks for pics and info

Thanks alot for those pics. I also have another question. Using the info I gave before does anyone know if it would be possible to split the beam. What Im asking is: Can the passthrough go all the way to the ceiling so the ceiling in the kitchen and the ceiling in the living room meet. I was thinking of putting 2 6' beams on either side of the opening with support but nothing in between. Im not sure if this is safe. So basically there would be about an 8' section with no beam and no studs. Just a thought. The reason I am asking is because I would like to hang pendant lights from the ceiling but if the beam stretches across then i would have to drill through the beam (if i used a laminate beam). Thank you.

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