Framing of A/C Unit


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Framing of A/C Unit

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning on installing two 10,000 btu window unit A/C's beneath the window of each bedroom. I'll be installing the units through the wall.

I've never done this before, & would like some tips if possible.

The townhouse that I live in has already "blocked out" the areas directly beneath the windows so that the installation doesn't interfere with wiring, plumbing, etc.

1. Regarding framing, will I just have to install two horizontal crossmembers between the existing studs? Or would I also have to install vertical members as well? When attaching the 2 x 4's, is it best just to screw the members into existing framing, or would I need some kind of hardware?

2. If I have to cut an existing vertical member, how would I go about doing that? I've never removed anything like this in close quarters (in this case, through the opening I'll make)...Sawzall?

3. Electrical is existing & preplanned into the design...a 110v outlet is right there.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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For your situation, this is my method.

Remove the units from their shipping container. Ascertain how the diffuser cover fits the unit, (some fit the internal equip. and some fit over and cover the edge of the case).
Remove the internal equip. from the case and remove all of the brackets on the case which would be used to fit the opening filler fins until you have only the metal case remaining.
Measure the outside dimension of the case and lay it out on the wall, 1-1/2" below the bottom of the window sill. (In some instances there will be a stiffener across the bottom of the case).
Locate and mark both sides of the vertical framing members.
Cut out the internal wall finish material.
Using the plunge-cut method for a sawzall, cut the verticles 1-3/4" below the wall cutout.

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