Wavy Gravy Floor


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Cool Wavy Gravy Floor

Hello Everyone...

Newbie here. Bought house 1-1/2 yrs. ago. 660 sq. ft., no basement, full crawlspace with piers for support.

Apparently, no footings were poured under the piers and there has been some movement over the years. The floors go up here and down there...in fact, one of the piers has made a major hump in the bedroom floor.

I want to hire someone to jack up the house, even it out and re-do the foundation. Piers with proper footings? Or something different? Will the leveling process damage things inside? Rip wallpaper, split ceiling? Break pipes?

Also, can someone give me a GENERAL idea of cost to have this done? I have a very nice tax refund coming (about 2 grand) and am wondering if that will cover it?

Any help and advice appreciated!!
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No way to estimate cost

Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate the cost of a job like yours based on a description given in this forum.

Costs of labor and material vary across the country and the height of your crawlspace will also factor into the cost.

One thing is certain, your support piers are settling at an uneven rate, which tends to back up the belief that the have no solid footing under them. All of the piers will need to have a concrete footing placed under them once the house is jacked up and leveled. Do not let any contractor just quote you a price to put in a piece of pier block and a support post. You'll end up with the same problem you have now. If you have an exterior block or concrete perimeter foundation, this may also have to be adjusted/repaired/removed/reinstalled to compensate for any adjustments when you level the house.

Yes, there is the possibility there will be some cracking of plaster/sheetrock joints when you jack a house. This depends on how much you must raise the house to level out your floors.

Your two grand sounds like a down payment on a project like this.

I would get several bids from licensed contractors who specialize in this type of work and ask for references specifically from similar projects to see if these past customers were satisfied.

Make sure the contractors are quoting a price on the exact same work so you can acurately compare the cost of the enire job.
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Cost of repairs...

YIKES! But it's gotta be done. Luckily I do have a few options. Thanks for the very useful info!

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