What size nailer nails???


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Unhappy What size nailer nails???

Per my previous posts we are doing a lot of reconstruction including subfloor, framing, and sheathing. To make life easier I want to get a round head framing nailer but am not sure which gun to chose since I don't know which are the proper framing nails. The inspection office hasn't been responding to this question, so I'm asking here.

For the plywood subfloor I know that I need 2-1/4" .131 round head ring shank nails. But what about framing?

"Real" 16D nails would be 3-1/2" inches but I've seen them in .131, .148, and .162 dia. What is the right size nails (including dia.) for framing to code?

Any nailer suggestions in the $250.00 max range are appreciated too.

Thanks guys!

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I'm not a framing carpenter, but here's what I use for framing.

16d 3 3/8" X .131 for most 2X framing
12d 3 1/4" X .120 for toe nailing
8d 2 3/8" X .113 for sheathing and subfloor

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