How should I hang a hoist from the roof rafters?


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How should I hang a hoist from the roof rafters?

I want to hang an electric hoist from the peak of my garage attic. This is so that I can lift my lawn mower and snow blower up into the garage attic when they are not in need. I don't plan on lifting anything heavier than 200 lbs.

The brackets on the hoist are designed to attach around a 2 1/2" pipe or some other similar sized beam. My initial idea is to attach two sets of 2 2x4"s across the roof trusses (one 2x4 on each side of a truss with carriage bolts pulling all three boards together). And then run a beam across these 2 sets of 2 2x4s. Attach the hoist to the beam. The hoist would then sit in line with the roof peak and the weight of the load would be straight down from the peak.

Any ideas or comments would be most welcome.


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I don't have a hoist, but we do have a ratcheting crank that we use to raise planks and ladders up in our warehouse. The setup uses 2 vertical steel cables which go up and around 2 pulleys which are suspended from 1/2" eye bolts (not eye lags) through the rafters. At the pulleys, the cable turns horizontally and continues to another set of pulleys which turns down vertically to the crank.

You might be able to use a similar setup, except you're mounting your crank (the hoist) near the ridge.

Our planks have eye bolts and we just hook the cable onto to the eyebolt and raise them up.

After rereading your post, I realize that I haven't answered your question at all! Oh well, it was worth a shot.
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I used a similar method to what you described.

I ran a 2x4 across three of the rafter joists attach to each side of the peak rafter, then filled the space between each rafter with two 2x4's.

The hoist then hangs from chains wrapped around the now 6" wide 'beam', thru two holes in the ceiling, and then around the brackets of the hoist.

I've lifted everything from a small pressure washer to the front end of a small car with it with no signs of damage, warping or anything else.

I regularly lift my riding mower with it to change the blades. Though I don't keep anything more on it than the pressure washer full time.

I've seen 'displays' with trucks craned onto rooftops, properly built and distributed, a roof will hold a good deal of weight. You don't think twice of walking on it, and you weigh more than any pushmower.

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